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Pennsylvania Sunshine Act

At the Chinchilla Hose Company of South Abington Township, transparency and openness are integral to our commitment to the community. We proudly adhere to the Sunshine Act as mandated by the state of Pennsylvania.

The Sunshine Act ensures that our meetings and decision-making processes are conducted in a manner that is accessible to the public. This commitment to transparency allows community members to stay informed about our activities, discussions, and decisions that impact our firefighting services.

We welcome community involvement and encourage you to attend our meetings to witness firsthand how we operate under the principles of the Sunshine Act. Your engagement is vital in fostering a collaborative and informed relationship between Chinchilla Hose Company and the residents of South Abington Township. Stay connected with us as we continue to uphold the standards of openness and accountability prescribed by the Sunshine Act.

More information on the Sunchine Act can be located here.